Sometimes we’re so concerned with finding a way to fill every single minute of every day interacting with people that we forget to take a step back and give ourselves some quality “me” time

19 Awesome Things to Do Alone

Released Friday 15th October 2021 Just Want A Little Bit 3:58When The Lights Are Out 3:05My Town 3:05Find Yourself A Rainbow 2:09Miles Out To Sea 3:48We’re Really Gonna Raise The Roof 3:06Do We Still Do It 2:59How Can It Be 3:00Don’t Blame Me 2:32My Friend Stan 2:40Everyday 3:09Good Time Gals[…]

Slade ‎– Old New Borrowed And Blue SPLATTER COLOURED VINYL LP

so true……good shoes for walking and good friends to keep you walking on the right path……friends that really care help you stay on track when you cant seem to do it yourself, they dont contribute or condone your bad decisions….they always love you and respect you enough to say what[…]

My Day at the BlogHer Conference in NYC